Bridal Services

We'd love to do your hair for your wedding! We can accommodate small or large parties. Please allow 60-75 minutes for the bride. For each member of the bridal party allow up to 60 minutes. It's no problem for us to open the salon early to accommodate you.


Pricing for bridal hair:


  • A trial run at the salon: $100 and up

  • Wedding day hair done at the salon: $100 and up

  • Wedding day hair done offsite: $140 and up

  • Each additional member of the bridal party: $75 and up

  • Flower girls and those with short hair: $55 and up


We will take payment at the time of reservation. If you need to cancel over 14 days before the appointment, we will refund 50% of your payment. Cancellations less than 14 days before the appointment are nonrefundable.

To make your hair appointment go smoothly:
  • Please provide a full name and phone number for each member of the party.

  • If any member of the bridal party is late, they may have to forfeit their appointment due to time constraints. Please be on time or early.

  • Please have clean, dry hair the day of your appointment. An additional fee may be incurred for wet hair due to the extra time involved.

  • A button down shirt is preferable to wear for your appointment.

  • Consultations are done Sunday through Friday.

  • Because the salon may be serving other clients at the time of your appointment, please have only members of your bridal party who are having services done present. You may bring your photographer or flower girls' mothers.

  • We will not serve drunk or intoxicated people.

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